Why HyFloat

Our mission is to harness the vast potential of offshore wind to provide a reliable stream of hydrogen, at scale, and at low cost, to enable a fully decarbonised global energy system.

HyFloat addresses an essential multi billion euro market

Floating hydrogen production is attractive solution for 33% of the wind market and essential for 11%

  • The potential market for European Floating to Hydrogen (FH2) is therefore estimated to be 151 GW
  • 49 GW is categorised as FH2 essential as it lies in deep water and is too remote to be exploited with electrical connection
  • Extrapolated globally this would mean 667 GW probable and 220 GW essential
Industry needs dependable supplies of hydrogen

Green hydrogen supply intermittency is a huge problem for industry

  • Vast quantities of hydrogen are needed for industry
  • Industrial consumers demand high levels of reliability
  • Renewables mean long duration energy storage is a $ multi-trillion market
HyFloat patented design combines buoyancy & storage in one foundation for the most reliable & cost-effective floating hydrogen supply
HyFloat addresses a critical need in a multi billion euro market

HyFloat makes offshore hydrogen production reliable without increasing costs

  • Floating hydrogen production offers virtually unlimited potential for cost effective renewable energy harvesting
  • Wind based hydrogen supply is intermittent, but hydrogen consumers need stable supply
  • HyFloat makes renewable hydrogen supply reliable at the lowest cost of any technology market

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